Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Carleton Place plans are being made

Volunteers in churches prepared the lunch
Two lots are planned for building in Carleton Place, Ontario.The first build is scheduled to begin in September.

The community, as always, has stepped in. Duncan McNaughton has pledged $75,000 from his firm. 

Duncan McNaughton, the president of Ottawa-based property development giant Tiree, and his employees are assisting. (Tiree is currently managing the renos on Parliament Hill.)

Lots of equipment is required!

Mark's Work Warehouse employees volunteer in Bala

Great West Life Ottawa has pledged $15,000. Home Depot Carleton Place - $10,000 grant for sustainable energy costs. Currently sought: the donation of a kitchen and bathroom.

Home recipient must put in 500 hours of sweat equity. At the end of the project they take on an interest-free mortagage that is geared to income. It is a hand up, NOT a hand out!

Last year, Habitat for Humanity NCR housed three families in Ottawa.

Zion-Memorial church, and three other churches will recruit volunteers.

As always, skilled construction workers will be needed and are most welcome to volunteer their services. Habitat for Humanity Muskoka recruited evening elves, who requested special evening hours in order to participate in the build.

It takes a village!
A big part of Habitat builds, are the donations of food to keep volunteers going throughout the day. The organization is also seeking restaurants willing to donate lunch for workers on Fridays during the actual construction process.

As a volunteer at the Bala build, I can heartily recommend the experience. Many cottagers put some time in, even my daughter!

Anyone who wishes to assist the Carleton Place project in any way is asked to contact Shirley Brown, communications coordinator for Habitat NCR. Telephone 613-749-9950 ext. 224 or e-mail Brown at Those wishing to contact Stiller, the Habitat NCR family services coordinator, should telephone 613-749-9950 ext. 225.

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