Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Product and Sales Sept 25-Oct 1, 2011

         -20%  Kitchens           -20%
         -20%      Cabinets     -20%
         -20%           Vanities  -20%

               2383  Carp Rd. (just N. of the dump)
                    Saturdays Only   9-4:30 
                         Drop-Offs continue 
                 !!!!!!!Breaking News!!!!!!!!
                              New New New
               Brick&Stone (cashncarryonly) 
       barney sans fred in the rubble 
                                 New New New
               roof toppers
                 mingle in the shingles    $.50 ea
 and if that weren't enuf.......
     skads of skids
                                    skads  of  skids
   useful for:      shed floors    bonfires     rock storage
OK...imagine this.......
 18inD x36inH x 58inW 
.....over this......
falling down oooooh London bridge is....
27inDx 35inHx 58inW  
       -20%  =    $1760  !WOW!

....While you Tango on ....
            spanish tile for tango
        Spanish tiles (you'll really want to..)
         Cardamon          Gris dela arcilla 
             12 cajas                 7 cajas 
      $3.50 each OR  20 dolares/cajas 6

....after whipping up tapas with....
                    more pretty things to clean
                         Kitchen Aid
       peelers  whippers  ladles  pans

...and suddenly....you must....spend time
      terlet and jawbox
         on matching 6L toilet and sink
                                       $60              $95

....of course, not wanting to be disturbed
        you close.....
                        mirror mirror on the bifolddoor, who's the fairest..
 this solid mirrored etched (I could go on and on and...)
                           Bifold Door
                       36inx77in    $85      

  And what's a party without Bordeaux...    
             Friendly giant cabinets    
               Cabinets...that is
     Corner Red wine      Red Oak
   24Dx36Wx94h      16Dx35Wx94H 
$1800 (-20%= $1440)   $2000 (-20%= 64bottles)

 One must always have enough ... 
     last of the sussex stuff
....tables and chairs to dance on

   One can't have enough sealant either.... 
     8 skids, not gonna last!!
     one of many
        OSI  siding   window  fenetres
       $3 each  OR case of 12 for $30
    (I'm buying a few cases for Hallowe'en handouts..)

  Cooked all day...Rumba'd all night
      .....time for a little R&R.....
   5'x5' hide from the world soaker
  jetless (you'll have to make your own bubbles)

...and where to put your new tub?
    How 'bout under ....
          3 skids  of Red Cedar Shakes
    fresh from BC forests  
              100sqft/skid @ $100ea

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