Monday, September 19, 2011

Restore Weekly Sept 19-24, 2011

                     Saturdays Only   9-4:30
                         Drop-Offs continue
                 !!!!!!!Breaking News!!!!!!!!
                              New New New
               Brick&Stone (cashncarryonly)
       barney sans fred in the rubble
                                 New New New
               roof toppers
                 mingle in the shingles    $.50 ea
 and if that weren't enuf.......
     skads of skids
                                    skads  of  skids
   useful for:      shed floors    bonfires     rock storage
ByetheBye......all those lovely sheds.......SOLD (thanks!)             
                             7 Enterprise
We've got a new app......
         new apps
                 appliances that is.....
                           from specific donors only
  Frigidaire     GE      Magtag     Kenmore
where to bring yours: but I've got appliances tooooooo
   something for the guest 'til supper is served... 
                  this little chair was for papa
 something to rest on while the dishes get done...
        this is for mama bear
              for all the bears
 Too full to go home......52inx71in

ELetter to be continued next week achooo
     think i'm gonna try out that bed.....

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