Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Product and Sales

You are never given a wish without also being given the power
 to make it true.  You may have to work for it, however. R.Bach
                                                                               Oct 11-15, 2011
 -25%Happy-25%-25%Birthday-25%-25%to Us!!!-25%
             Every day is special  for us
        This week we've got DAILY SPECIALS
                   IN BOTH STORES
Tuesday Oct 11
  best be pluggin' up them thar holes billy  +    a sea of .....seats$20toilets*
     Quad Sealant ONLY -50%
     $1.50 each  OR  case of 12   $15

Wednesday Oct 12               
 we've gone over the top with this sale                 +   as far as the eye can seat....$20toilets*
 Countertops      New -50%
        Bath/ Kitchen/Bar
           Arborite ONLY
Thursday Oct 13                     
    this fixture isn't in stock anymore however we've got oodles of others...     +     I seet you have an eye for a sale$20toilets*
        Selected interior Lights

Friday Oct 14
      u'll adore what we have in store for you                +          seats are a sellin'$20toilets*
      Selected  Doors    -50%

Saturday Oct 15                         
   noone's a snob with these lovely knobs  +       $20toilets*
        Brushed Knickel Knobs
   Private  and Perfect  $10.00 each

 Okay let's recap:
   2.  EVERYTHING in BOTH shops is -25% Oct 11-15
   6.  SPECIALS EVERYDAY (no..can't combine sales...Dennis!!)
   4.  ONLY Mansfield 6L used toilets* are $20 each
   5. Saturday , Oct. 15 @ 7 Enterprise location
        from 9am-3pm  City of Ottawa presents
         Blue Dot Program  visit: buy our toilets

something for santa
Cobra Snow Country
Exhaust vents for roof ridges
$5 & $6 each

something special
   Storm windows   22 1/2 x 44 1/2
                 $60 each

space.....the final fronti...r...?
what the.....?
it's a bird..?  it's a plane..? it's a...
cornered toilet
Elijar 6L   $75
Pretend this is all one piece...
  nuthing like showerin under the big blue
   in your home
 Maax Acrylica    $250 

slick and sleek
     Corian Counter top pieces
 25in x86in       x40in         x93in
               2383  Carp Rd. (just N. of the dump)
                    Saturdays Only   9-4:30 
                         Drop-Offs continue 
                 !!!!!!!Breaking News!!!!!!!!
                              New New New
               Brick&Stone (cashncarryonly) 
       barney sans fred in the rubble 

     skads of skids
                                    skads  of  skids
   useful for:      shed floors    bonfires     rock storage
 Just in time for Autumn...
                fall Superman capes
                                  Table Cloth                       $10
                                                base   90in oval
                                     centerpad   54inx54in  
                               Folded in both shops!!!!!!!                      SIDING......
      besides ourselves  in siding
Vinyl:    4'($2)     8'($3.50)   10' ($4)  & part
Canexel :   4'($2)    12'($4)                  & no parts
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
crushed can 
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