Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love the NCR Restore Weekly!

  Word of the year: Tergiversate    hmmm
                                                                               Dec 12-17, 2011
knock, knock...
                         who's there?
ReStore Weekly...
                         ReStore Weekly who?
ReStore Weekly who's been in Puerto Rico
                        Rainbows and Oceans ya gotta luv it                                                                    
                        ok enuf 'bout me...on with the show..

                20 % off EVERYTHING
                       (except the staff and volunteers) 
                              Dec 16-17  

                   o taunenbaum   
        $100 Prelit Artificial Pine or Spruce
                     With/without baubles   


              bright and clean 
                 Kitchen   18 pcs   $950  

                          Maax Soaker
            42inWx72inLx21inH   $500 
looks like Shortbread....  
     looks like shortbread...
                         but it's tile
      Accent or not......4in   Earthtones  
           $.50 each OR  $20/box of 50
    El Yunque & Caribbean                   
 El Yunque Rainforest with a little Caribbean Sea?

                      interesting shapes
                 Working Windows
                  $275              $395
    23inWx102inH     23inWxtallerinH

For that special someone....
   ohhhh ive bin wurkin on the railroad....
    Keystone Railroad Tool Grinder
                6 pcs                $175

                  gidgets and gadgets                
           RCA Flat Panel Solutions
        cords     cables   conditioners
wallmount cables  brackets   plates

For the woman who has everything...  
          wash that man right out of your hair comfortably
                Belvedere "Flo-Temp" 
                    Beauty parlour sink
                19inW x 20inD x 11inH

      i heard an old saw about a  saw that saw....
               Mastercraft   table saws
          $50   $170                      $100  
      Junkyard Orchestra washboard instrument?
                        Enamel Kitchen Sink
          42inW x 24inD x 8inH        $90 

      cozy bedroom stuff
             'Manhattan' by Coaster

Tall Boy         51inHx42inWx20inD  $365
Dresser          34inHx66inWx20inD  $395 
Rails only      Queen  82inL                $ 50
Nite Stand    24inHx31inWx18inD  $150

   last picture...promise  
                  Caribbean from Vieques Island

                ohhhh xmas tree ohhhh xmas treee
                     Still have time........
  solid metal branches and trunk...
         has packing box for storage.... 
     No nagging needles        $100  
                  Soccer donors

                              Thank You  
      Gracias los ventiladores de fútbol
             Merci des ventilateurs de football 
 danke Fußballventilatoren            谢谢足球迷
                          Ahsante Sana

       32 balls  11 shoes    9 jerseys/shorts
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
crushed can 
Please bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore - it has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity NCR!

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