Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I love pink!

Today was insulation day!
I visited the Habitat for Humanity National Capital Region Carleton Place build.
It is amazing how people can work together. Today, Habitat had four volunteers popping the insulation into the walls.

We've been watching the Occupy movement, they came to Perth last weekend. They have nothing on these volunteers who simply work to put a home together for another human being.

There is controversy regarding a Habitat build in Ottawa, specifically Orleans. There is a misconception that these homes are going to bring down property values. The Habitat homes are for people who will work hard to maintain their homes. They are investing time and energy their homes.

They will have an interest-free mortgage, based on income. They will have a place they can call home. They put 500 sweat equity hours into a home that fits into the community.

What a delightful little home!

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