Sunday, January 22, 2012

JeeWillakers, we still have the -25% on Everything Restore Sale

Before they invented drawing boards, 
what did they go back to?

                                                                      Jan 23-28, 12
But you've only got
 more shopping days left
Then its's back to just no HST  
 K-Tel Slinky....?
          satelite detritus?
It's parts to a 14in Sun Tunnel Skylite
Just in time for winter, eh?     $25

                         ping pong anyone?
     Bored with the old boardroom?
               3pc    each 47inW x 64inL
               $25/pc   OR    $60 for 192in 

Guess what....
           diamonds are a wall's best friend
                   4"x4"   50pcs/box = 5.5sf 
Used to be $20/box   NOW  $10 (-25%= $7.50 wow)

Filtrete air cleaning filter.... 20x25x1
             Mel Torme uses these. Really....well ok...
            This ain't your mama's filter.  
        For $17  you can attract and trap:
pollen   mold spores   smoke    pet dander
         dust mite debris (what does that mean?)
 household dust/odours/chemical fumes
ground level ozone    smog particulate PM2.5
                                 (yikes!! buy me 12!)

need a solid 36inx79 1/2in door?
                got some doors again
We got lots...
                oh yeah
  your choice of purple or magenta
Hinge side rounded...just rip it good...
                        $50 with hardware
                        $40 without  
   what the hay...?            
             hmmmmm part 1
        something's building at ReStore?

            hmmmm part 2...
    maybe they're vanities maybe not

'they' are not this though
You can buy this one for
$150       48inW 
got legs?
Sinks without legs.....Yours for $20
sneaky stuff                      
    Real Solutions
2 tiered Cutlery Organizer   $17
Is that a pedestalless sink in the background?

        speaking of bathtubs...
Acryllic 36inWx 72inL  soaker  $125
or Enamel new   L drain   $90
 45 boxes  each colour....
frost's nice
         Bright Teal          or           Oyster
      For you, dear reader   $5/box of 20sf
               That's like $3.50 abox apres discount
  Everybody else.....
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
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