Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Andrew is working hard!

Andrew, house recipient,
 lookin' kewl!
Hubby has had a virus, and we've been housebound. I finally made it out to the Carleton Place build again!

What did I find?
Andrew, our house recipient, putting in his sweat equity hours! He estimates he is up to 300 hours now. (Home owners must get up to 500 hours!)

I asked if he was professional, as he seemed pretty confident going up the ladder, using the tools, but he told me he is a massage therapist, with experience in building in his youth! Who knew?

The white hard hats are special. Anyone know what they are about?

Peter & Mike, deep in important conversation. 

The ladder to the soffet! 
I'm a bit creeped out by ladders. I was up on ours, once, and the bottom legs slipped out.

The bruises were awful, one the size of a lunch plate on my right thigh!

Peter was installing things up there. I couldn't look!

See the ladder –in the photo behind Peter?
That said, I climbed up inside the house –as Peter said they had the wall board up!
Look, a real door nob!

And how many screws do you need?
A royal ton!

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