Sunday, January 8, 2012

Restore Weekly

   What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?
                                                            Jan 9-14, 2012
      The January Jamboree continues:
                 -25% on it all
          that' s 20 shopping days left

  Mirolin Single door shower kit...
 one potato  two potato
         OR       ReStore it into a....
          now you have a new door
    nice divider....?      $50

Hankering for more mosaic in your life?
    Mama mia, the tiles...!
    6"x16"   5"x16"     8"x16"     4"x12"
       $15        $15           $25           $10

  Knock one holiday off your list..
      winter got you down...put some green in
       a St. Paddy's Day b/room sink
 only $25 (-25%= $18.75 faithandbegorrah!)

                Melamine Kitchen
            16 pcs            $1350 (-25%=$1112.50)

     quack quack quack
             Ducting     assort pcs   $2-7

a scene from  'Fantastic Voyage' ?
 just in case
  nope...Snow fencing  4'x100'   $30

 Found deep in an American forest...
yummies for tootsies
Engineered Handscraped Oak
Musket, if you will
21.70sf/box x 6boxes x $2/sf= yummy

pretty good stuff
Chest           $365 (-25%=$270)
Dresser       $395 (-25%= $290)
Night stand  $150 (-25%=$110)

What is this?.....
a poser
                                 it's made of MDF
              its 3/4"Dx7"Wx97"H
   one edge is rounded
                 one edge is beveled
it weighs over 300 lbs (not really, but it is heavy)
        You can have it for $8 okay (we have 15)
Replace that chandelier Uncle Bob swung from
 on New Year's eve with....
 a little razzamatazz
 38"Hx27inW       $350(-25%=$260)
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
crushed canPlease bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore - it has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity NCR!

More information about CAN Recycling for Habitat...
WE'LL GET THEM TO  cycle salvation
ReStore Locations: East - 2370 Walkley Rd.
                               West  - 7 Enterprise Ave.                                         
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