Sunday, January 15, 2012

The secret to success? Failure

I love this weekly restore sales info. I have never met the writer, but have complimented him/her and enjoy their sense of humour!

                                                                              Jan 16-21, 2012
Snow falls
      Cars slide        so what.......            
There's still    14  shopping days left!
                     -25% on EVERYTHING
            Sale ends  Jan. 31


 Mile High Pile of Tile...
ebonybronzeraspberry parfait
        Ebony                        Bronze                     Raspberry
      19" x 19"                   13" x 13"                       4" x 4"
     Porcellana                Porcelaine                   Mermer
   110sf = $352           197sf = $252                88sf = $240

  Chocolate or Vanilla...?         
                       panel discussion
      Sliding panel doors 72inW x 81inH                   
      (Forget the track and use them for wainscotting!)
                                $50 only 237 sets left

Wainscotting....Head boards.... Room Dividers.. 
              talking about panels..
          You want 'em  We got 'em

      Ever been to Puerto Rico?
  His 'n Hers Bathroom Acryllic sink
    Caribbean Green  81"W x 22 1/2"D
$75    Pristine (except for repairable corner chips)

Can you feel the wind blow....
and you're still inside....?
Can you feel the wind blow?
 Good thing we still have 147 cases
 of         QUAD window/siding/roof
  Sealant   $3ea OR  $30/box of 30

         where have I seen those before....
We have these at Walkley too..
     (meaning we have 196 sets)

  floored by laminate
      Kaindl  8ml  Cottage Cherry
20sf/box   15 boxes     300sf   $225

       Sears loaners....
Brushed nickel for all your pickles
    Kenmore   $700 - 25% = $575

     a pieced ear?
            Cast Iron bathroom Sink
       Cappoccino, dahling

 This ain't no '70's carpet
 Belgian made 'Luxury Shaggy"
 !get this: WaterRepellant  Mothproof
             Antistatic       Colourfast
100% enhanced heatset polypropylene
 I ask you, does it get any better?
            5'3" x 7'5"       $150

Did I forget to mention we had
    oh did we forget to mention...
 lots of sliding panel doors.....?
Anyone..?   Please..? Great as gifts...
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
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More information about CAN Recycling for Habitat...

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