Sunday, January 1, 2012

There are only three kinds of people; People who can count and people who can't.

Restore Weekly; Jan 2-7, 2012
Get that lampshade off your head
       Come out from under the blankets
                 Poke your nose outside the door
Come into the ReStore's
                  25%  off Everything.....
            THE ENTIRE MONTH
                     that's 26 glorious shopping days                                       
  Tear down those old walls...
   something for behind the scenes
Put up new...Sheetrock 4'x8'x3/8in

Ding dong...Avon calling......
               gift cupboards?     
No they're not that pink...yes they are
Solid     Well-built    31"Wx12"Dx95"H
         4ofthem           $100 ea

             Hawaiian reminder?
           6 globe chandelier (think DonHo)
     23inW x 38inH     $400 -25%= $300

Stormy Mondays...Tuesdays...
                   winter warmers
No fear, we've got 22 storm windows           
     26-36inW x 64-74inH      $25-$50

      jazzy and snazzy
            4in Recessed lighting trim 
     Bevel cut amber        Red and amber             
            8 @ $6 ea                  5 @ $8 ea

              long and lovely         
            Kitchen    17pcs     $1100
                                              -25%= $825

                something for your hungry bear?
                  Side by Side  Kenmore
                     (with Ultimate Filtration!!)
           36inW x 30inDx70inH      $600

  quack quack...
       slabs of stone
        Ceasar stone  why I neeeed it
Sparkling Chocolate  or Grey Grandeur        
                      26inDx 70inW   
                                 $175 (-25%= $131.75)

 sink onesink 11sink 111
          Am. Stand.                             ?                                 Deca
        undermount                  wall-mount               surface mount
  8inHx16inDx24inW   4inHx18inDx24inW    6inHx18inDx28inW   
               $120                                 $105                             $200
          NEW LOCATION...........Upstairs
                 new location
                Misstints and Mistertints
      Tinted   $4    $10    $50
       White   $5    $12    $60
        Stain    $5    $12
  at both ReStore locations

Habitat CAN Recycle! 
crushed canPlease bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore - it has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity NCR!

More information about CAN Recycling for Habitat...
ReStore Locations: East - 2370 Walkley Rd.
                               West  - 7 Enterprise Ave.                                         
Visit Our Website:   Habitat NCR's homepage

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