Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Product & Sales Feb 13-18, 2012

                                                       You can complain because roses have thorns,
                                                       or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.         
   Feb 17/18  Fri/Sat  Both Shops
    A Valentine's Love ReStory

               Roses are orange Poppies are pink This will look good infront of your sink
                  Fixed Bay Window   $650
                   47inW x 16inD x 48inH
 On his way home from work, Spiderman espies a young lady

           Roses are red Violets are blue This pile of tile is just for you
          12inx12in Slate Mosaic     $6ea
     Downtown   Arriba     Eastside   Metro
      Brown             Steel        Beige        Plaza
 Pocket Polly senses Spiderman behind her and has a plan...

                 Marigolds are yellow Pansies get wet These are the best glass tile we've had yet
 12in x 12in Mosaic Stone or Glass Tile
   Summer Rain                    Mixx Smoke
      25 boxes                               26 boxes
                            Mixx Trips
                              38 boxes
    River Shores                      Traffic Jam
       53 boxes                             9 boxes
                     $5 each OR  $50/box
 She turns as the shy Spiderman swings out of view

          Roses are nice Lilies are too These little panes can make a hothouse for you
    Storm windows                     $25-$35
                    34"-37"W x 65"-73"H
 All sorts of uses:   Hothouse   Picture frame
Polly calls out 'Hey Spiderman, quit hanging around'

         Tulips are terrific Nastursiums devine You need lumber We've got pine
                   1x5x7      2x8x8        2x6x8
                   Select     Select         Used
                   $5 ea      $10ea         $2ea
Spiderman, startled that Polly has spotted him, stops
          Rudebeckias are sunny Begonias are bright You'll make Sweetie love you when you purchase this light
                Wall mount Glass Light
                             32inW x 8inD        $75
'Come on Spidey, lets just hang out for awhile'

                        Apples are crunchy Cheesies are great  Wait too long and it'll be too late
           Little vanities all in a row 24 designs
So Spidey and Polly swung thru the ReStores...

            Lilacs are lovely Daisies are dearer Turn around twice and look in the mirror
              Half Moon Mirror         $95
                             40inW x 20inH
...Enjoying the views...

                       Bamboos are woody Redwoods have more It's not often we have this type of door
                        Colonial Elegance
             36in x 80in Pocket Door Frame
                          with door      $95
Once Polly found her pocket door..

                               Lhysimachia are luscious Geraniums are great Have we got a good stack of laminate
                  Ambiance  8ml Laminate
                       23.36 sf  x $.75 x 12 boxes
                           280 sf   for $210
 She knew he was the right fella for her...and they lived happily ever after
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
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