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New Product and Sales Mar 5-10, 2012

                                                                 You must be the change you see in the world

                                                                                                                                         M. Gandhi
 Kitchens 'n Cabinets 'n Vanities (ohmy!)
             Mar 5-10    both shops
Which Switch would you want?
       which switch would you want?
         All the pretties  
                    a buck or a buck 'n ahalf 
            we've got enough to replate Ottawa!

  In the moood for maple syrup...?
                    bits n pieces for your bits n pieces
       How about starting with these
                      Maple cabinets
Drawers   Corners   Uppers   Lowers
                    $50-$175  (-25%=awholelottuvsavin)

    Mirror, mirror on the..
               Mahogany (just the colour, not the wood):)
            65in x 31in   or   31in x 65in
                                  $35  (crated at both shops)

 and now for something completely different    
              jawbox with a twist
   Pedestal sink with hardware aaaand
       built in theirsnmine towel holder
                22inD x 29inW x 33inH

          Porcelian squares....
       porcelein slabs
 Zendo Dust    Beauty White    Aria Ivory
    20"x20"              24"x24"           18"x18"
   $6/pezzi            $10/pezzi         $5/pezzi
    10sf/box                16sf                  18sf
    12 boxes            5 boxes            6 boxes

    Quickstyle laminate....
        thanks for the plank
            Attraction  (like..who picks these names?)
          10mm      14.21sf/box     9 boxes
                   127sf x $.75 = 1238 peso

                small and homey
                    Kitchen   14pcs    $800
                  -25%= 640 wow dollars

Miss your mama's arborite table?
  memories......  now you see it now you can still see it but not so much
      Mellow down
What more could one ask for...? a malted milk and a pixistick?      
                 11in-29inW x 29inH x 30inL

            bright up the night
 Exterior Lights
         flush mount    pendant   wall mount
                lite down  lite up   post topper

 Martha's back....but just her vanity
                 ohmygosh its soooo posh 
                      the sink comes with
                   21inD x 30inW x 36inH 
                $170 (-25%= 30lbs of jelly beans)
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
crushed canPlease bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore - it has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity NCR!

More information about CAN Recycling for Habitat...
WE'LL GET THEM TO  cycle salvation
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                               West  - 7 Enterprise Ave.                                         
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