Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Products and Sales June 25-30, 2012

                         OPEN   May 5
                      why have salmon when we've got Carp?
                     with cash 'n carry
                brick and p. stone only
                            not canoes or flagstone
                           Sat only   9-4 

  Know typo this time...
 Both Shops  June  LAST Fri & Sat
 -20%Appreciation-20%    -20%WeekendS-20% 
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     salesalesalesalesalesalesalesale salesalesalesale 

      Manderley Blue Bag 
        A new Manderley partnership:

               our loss is your gain 
             Display Cabinet       

                36" x 91"
             special door  
             Metal exterior

      Ave ceasar stone 
        Ceasarstone countertop
             27"D x 51"W

Where to put all those school books?
      stuff space 
       Shelves: 35" x 56"   $50  
                  35" x 71"   $90

          a buffet of ceramic 
          Mile High Pile of Tile
            8"x8"    $.25 each
             lovely lovelies
            steel entry doors
                36" x 79"
            From $375-$500
                   (found in both shops)

          not ice but just as nice
            8"x8" Glass blocks
                  $5 each

You can call us the SlateRock and Granite Co...
 Slate Rock andGranite Company
     Realstone Systems          Granite Slabs
 Stair risers/ pavers          asst sizes/ edges 
     bullnose/ overhang         thicknesseseses
            $10/sf                      $5/sf

               rack it up to experience 
              Pantry shelves
           19"W x 62"H  $75

      not everything is a puzzle
     Used Marmoleum Flooring 9x9
             Two shades
     $.25ea OR box of 50 for $11
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
crushed canPlease bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore - it has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity NCR!

More information about CAN Recycling for Habitat...
WE'LL GET THEM TO  cycle salvation
ReStore Locations: East - 2370 Walkley Rd.
                               West  - 7 Enterprise Ave.                                         
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