Saturday, August 25, 2012

Habitat NCR changes it up - factory-built home

From Habitat Prefab House

I was there! Habitat NCR has ordered in a semi-detached set of prefab, factory-built homes. Bonneville crews were amazing, too!

 It is amazing. We popped over to watch them take the second home off of the flatbed trucks. An amazing feat.

As we watched the workers lift it up, swing it about, and place the 3rd section, of the 4 to install, they were precise, and danced about the foundation wall.

The crane operator held the piece high, while his buddies danced about underneath getting things in place.
The homes have the front doorbell installed, but Habitat decided not to order the homes with the bathroom fixtures and kitchen, since these items are normally donated to the build.
The first two sections, of #123, in place
When the families sign on, they agree to doing 'sweat equity' of 500 hours. Their interest-free mortgage is geared to income, and gives homeowners a hand up, not a hand out.

"Everyone deserves a safe, decent
and affordable place to live."
“Normally, a traditional Habitat home will take three to four months to build,” says Hicks. “These houses will take four to six weeks after the foundation is dug.” (See full article link below)

To view all of my photos of this event, click here!

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