Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ya gotta adore the Adore a DOOR Sale

Two silk worms were in a race. They ended in a tie.
 Ya gotta adore the
adoread orescreem adore
Cweeadore  bi bye buy 
Adore a DOOR Sale
        Both shops all week long   
           hollow flat
Profiled  $20     Slab/Mahoghany $10
pull rug from feet                              Carpet 8' x 12'   $195
 Don't shudder at this one..        shutter at the thought
     Exterior Vinyl shutters   $10-$100
A little photoshop et voila...        top        bottom
Reg Retail:$4000 ReStore:$800 for set
                           58" W

Cyclone Range Hood
      ohhh home on the range
               22"D x 33"W x 8"H     $335

I can't believe it's not granite..... 
        genuine granite, not
It's Armstrong self-adhesive Vinyl tile
18"x18" with 19/case @ $29each x 6 cases
 translation:  174 bucks covers 256sf  WOW

      Maple    Wrapped   Clean
                 kitchy koo
                 Kitchen    12pcs    $1050 

Q: What to do with board room chairs?
      roll out the barrel
             A: Conga Line       $20-$40

 Blinds, blinds, blinds....Where?
         Hellp!!  I can't seeee
    6 assorted flavours  24"W-48"W
Oh my gosh, something posh
        i lite that alot
      Glass Chandelier  16Wx22H
 Element wire racking
            just shelf it 
                 12" -16"D    2' - 4' W   $5-$6.75                                                 
  OPEN   May 5                   Guess What?    We deliver!!!!
why have salmon when we've got Carp?               ReStore Delivery Poster
 cash 'n carry only
brick and p. stone only
not canoes or flagstone
   Sat only   9-4 
                Manderley Blue Bag 
                New Manderley Partnership
                click here to find out more
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
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More information about CAN Recycling for Habitat...
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