Sunday, September 30, 2012

A roofer got arrested recently - he flashed a chimney

I just post these for the HFH Restore. I love them!
                            Oct 1-6, 2012
 EWaste "Name Me" Contest
name meBuilt by local artist and ReStore associate Uwe Foering,
this sculpture, shaped like the figure in Habitat For Humanity's Logo, is made out of EWaste components.  Like any creation, it needs a name....
Deadline for submissions is  Friday, October 5th, 2012
Winner announced in Oct 9-13 issue of ReStore Weekly
                           MY  "NAME ME"  ENTRY
Phone number
Email address
$50 Home Depot Gift Certificate for the successful entry
Our World Youth volunteers are back.     
         One step two goal  
We'd like to send them back to Kenya with a plane load of soccer equipment. Both shops are accepting:  
balls    shoes   socks   air pumps   duffle bags    shorts   nets
                       Until November 10th

       you light up my lalalala  
                 sweet granny  
                  Kitchen      9pcs       $1025
                  Free delivery?  Yup!   OK!
               4" x 4"   wall tile
                  tile ticklers
                               $two bits 
boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxesandboxes 
                      Fan lite Interior
35"Wx81"Hslick and new$150 
 ' I can't believe it's' ....
           acryllic Chandelier      $30
                          16"W x 19"L
(if you know someone who can spot real from faux...ReStore needs them!!!)
   Clouds?   SuperNova? Awe?
               like clouds overhead      
                Nope........ Ceiling Tile    
   67sf/box x 8 boxes x $30/box
            = 536sf for $240 (that be a lot of sky)
                  Fresh out of the box   
      soft-close hin...oops...just sold ): 
  Mistral   'Ash Millrun' Hardwood  
      trip the oak fantastic
             20sf/box x 5 boxes x $2/sf
          = MyBedroom for Day's Pay
    Patio door         ReStore Perfect...
     (ok just a couple of glitches...screen magnet biggie
             and locking clasp has left the building...replaceable)
          72"W x 789 1/2"H        $625
Oooooh, a telescoping floor lamp
                     doesn't belong in a 60's hair salon...
Brushed and ready to buy  $115
                     (we have 37 of them.Takers. Anyone?)
             a crate of glass blocks...
                         7 3/4x 7 3/4 x 3 3/4
                                                   about 60
why have salmon when we've got Carp?  
Donation Drop-Off     AND
Cash'nCarryOnly brick and p. stone 
 not canoes or flagstone 
              Sat only 9-4
ReStore Delivery PosterGuess What?    
 We deliver!!!!
 Mon-Thurs , Sat
 $50 for 1st 3 items
 $125 for kitchens,

****curb side only****
Habitat CAN Recycle! 
crushed canPlease bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore - it has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity NCR!

More information about CAN Recycling for Habitat...
WE'LL GET THEM TO  cycle salvation
     Check this out:  New Home Building Magazine 
ReStore Locations: East - 2370 Walkley Rd.
                               West  - 7 Enterprise Ave.                                         
Visit Our Website:   Habitat NCR's homepage

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