Monday, December 10, 2012

Give the Gift of Homeownership

Make Dreams Come True by Donating to Habitat NCR
Caceres Family
Habitat NCR Partner Family: The Caceres -- Diego, Salvador, Amanda, Kenny, Alejandro and Margarita
For many of us, the upcoming Christmas and holiday seasons will be spent in our family homes creating memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not the case for thousands of working poor in the National Capital Region.
These families live in substandard or inappropriate housing from which they can see no escape, but we have an answer for those who are ready and willing to work for a new home.
By supporting Habitat for Humanity NCR, you are giving hard-working families, like the Caceres, the opportunity to purchase an affordable place to live.
The Caceres family will spend this holiday season dreaming of purchasing their Habitat home in 2013. In their current rental home, the Caceres' must carry their disabled seven-year-old daughter, Amanda, up and down the stairs many times a day.
We are proud to tell you that their new bungalow will meet all of Amanda's special needs, while giving their three boys, who range in age from two to 14, plenty of room to play and grow.
Learn how your support of Habitat for Humanity NCR will make the dream of homeownership come true for Caceres family and our many other partner families across the National Capital Region.
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