Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Restore Weekly March 11 - 16

March 15-16  both shops
RedHead                               Bostitch
   tired of drifting in your winter coat.....?   Looking for that special little something? 
    3/8"x 3" Sleeve Anchors        2" gal. coil nails            
         $20/box of 25                 $50/box of 3600

        Oriented Strand Board...
                 OSB--what the heck does that stand for anyway? 
                     3'W x 7'-9' H     $5

       Ummm....would you believe...
         Pottery..? nope  Something from Star Trek then? 
            a space alien group hug....? no
How about... 
    perforated drain pipe with sock    25'
                  @ $20 x 5 =  125' for $100        

    Glass rod   Flushmount   Halogen
                 12"L x 18"W           $40

Unwaxed Sonotubes....show him you care..
         For that someone special
          10"Wx 24"L                   $.50 each
Put a cork on it..                      2' x 2' carpet tiles
Blimey, its from the county..        and now for something completely fuzzy 
        23sf/box                               60sf/box
        x 8 boxes                      x   14     boxes     12
        $50/box                                 $60/box

$25 to keep your tank cozy
               something to keep a body warm 

   Espresso    7'    Mocha        5'  Mocha
      one for him, her,  and Bowser 
           couch            couch       loveseat
            $700              $850            $800

Not your momma's flourescent ...
       Contemporary flourescences, imagine! 
            Brushed nickel Light Diffuser
                   10"D x 48"L                $45

TV stand/electric fireplace    $750
              Not your average fireplace. 
                  50"W x 18"D x 72"H
   Mon-Sat    9-5:30
  No charge drop-off
 At both ReStore locations 
  2370 Walkley or 7 Enterprise
We are a certified E-waste depot  6 days a week 9-5:30
Who's our facility?  Why it's  simsrecycling    See where your stuff goes 
          Bring in those obsolete 6-month old:
            cell phones      computers       tvs     monitors   Grandpa tools
       printers      photocopiers       ipens        kandles (you know what I mean)   

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