Monday, May 13, 2013

Restore Sales May 13-18, 2013

Happy times are here again,
Let the bells ring out and the 
band play on....
              It's Customer
      -20% on everything
                                               except the staff and volunteers!
             Both shops   
in Ottawa
            EAST (2370 Walkley Rd)

              6" x 12"                $2
   Tile me a river 
            Porcelain Tile (looks like wood, eh?)
                         old school new... 
                         Floor lamp

            take one or   two or    a case of 20? 
               $5 for starter kit

              going going ... 
             Kitchen     9pcs   $850

           Maax        'n         Maaxine
shower for him      one for her 
    NeoAngle            Soaker w safety bar
       $175                           $665

(7 Enterprise Ave)
     Maple           Bamboo             Wool
Something for the dining room and....       something for the bedroom and...     ...and something for Fido 
20sf x 10  boxes   22.7sf x8     93"x 120"
    $400              $363          $250
           Chimney parts
           put that in this and smoke it 
               8" opening    $130

       Scrubbing Bubbles in action
                   only $5  
        we've got lots and lots and lots a
       Fireplace Mantles     $115
    noble and nostelgic 
63"W (45"W opening)
                  77"W ( 58"W opening)
Outdoor Fire Bowl       29"r
       can't go inside,.. go outside 
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