Sunday, June 16, 2013

Customer Appreciation Weekend Again???!

Another way to look at failure is as a natural process of elimination that clears the path to success.    ALang                                        June 17-22, 2013
Happy Me Day
           -20% on everything
                    Fri & Sat
                     21st -22nd
why have salmon when we've got Carp?


        Saturday June 8  9:30- 4:30
                              CASH AND CARRY ONLY 
                        Carp the whole ball of wax  
                      New 'Gotta Have' Stuff:  
     Carp skids           big block      stringers   
 Tongue&Groove Pine                 Brick                    14' stringers
   Mon-Sat    9-5:30
  No charge drop-off
 At both ReStore locations 
  2370 Walkley or 7 Enterprise
      SuperDuperEWaste Event June 29th 
      Tech guru  Amber  Mac    9:30-11:00 
Keep bringing in those obsolete 6-month old:
cell phones      computers    monitors   Grandpa/ma tools      tvs       printers      photocopiers       ipens        kandles
               We are a certified E-waste depot  6 days a week 9-5:30
     Who's our facility?  Why it's  simsrecycling    See where your stuff goes 
 Here's to....
scoop and splash          or slosh with style  
      Zen Splashing                 and          Dignified Dipping
5 1/2"H x 19"D x 32"W                            34"H x 19"D x 24"W
              $110                                                          $150    
 What would won do with wonderful windows?
                             time to change the view?
 Put them in doors, of course....from clear to grilled
                               21" x 64"         $60-$75
Let's redefine 'wall flower', shall we?
                    something we've never had before
 3" x 30" porcelain strips...$5 each
Lavanda Lila (39 pcs)   Moka Marengo (38 pcs)
                 Standing room only... 
                               this you hafta stand up for..
               1 pc fiberglass with seat and bar
                                                          (and scrubbing bubbles)
                               34"D x 44"W x 82"H
                                        only $225
                Chandelier                             $75                       
                         lite up lite down lite all  around
                                  26"W x 28"H
 We are be'side' ourselves with joy.....
  R u be'side' yourself..?  ..Maybe 'saw' some 'rough' times?..
   Rustic Red     12`lengths             Rough Sawn Shake siding
       with accessories                              assorted colours
$4.50 each  case of 22 $99             $4 each  case of 10  $40 
               Now this is special....
                           imagine what the neighbours would think
                   new entry   64`x 82`     $1125
Engineered   Moka Jave Oak         22.61sf 
                   scraped by hand even
                                                             3 boxes
                     Trunk   21 x 24 x 36       $80
contemporary      6 pointer       $150
                   dining decor

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