Sunday, July 28, 2013

Restore Weekly, July 29 - Aug. 3, 2013

STILL             WINDOWS
Gone                  -25%
Vacation            both shops  
Sale                 all week long
                 Start your venting...
                     it's not for your head...silly 
                           3 1/4" x 10"  wall caps    $7

Let the sunshine in...
                   let the sunshine in... 
                    Assorted sizes     functions       $s

You can't lose track with these....
                  can't keep track? can now 
              8 sets of halogen spot lights    $30

Fabulous Furnace Filters from.....
                  fibrous permeable membranes 
        Honeywell    American Air Filter     Web
 Filtrete        True Blue        Febreeze ( febreeze?)

Nesting Nooks....
boxes for edibles    more boxes for more edibles 
    12pcs        $650                                14pcs        $1235

    Not to late to have summer fun...
                       aaaah   the hot  days of summer 
                    9-function ground sprinkler

trimtrimtrimtrim wonderfultrim wonderfultrim
                        finishing touches 
          from $2- $4.50/foot      5'-15' lengths

                hey man, we got MDF 
                          4'x4'x3/4"   MDF sheets
     $ same as a pound of JellyBelly jelly beans

Rough sawn Designer shakes     48"x15"    
      Reduced from $4 to $2 each  
                      10 pieces = 1/2square (5sf)    

Bookends..err BookVertices?
               old school for new schoolers 
      anyhoo....we have 3 of them    $65 each
                         16"D x 32"W x 71"H
why have salmon when we've got Carp?
    Carp the whole ball of wax
Saturday   9:30- 4:30
                                CASH AND CARRY ONLY                           
  New 'Gotta Have' Stuff:  
     Carp skids           big block      stringers   
 Tongue&Groove Pine                 Brick                    14' stringers

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