Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adooration Sale ReStore Weekly Sept 25-Oct 1

                                12"      $3 and $1 

 Wall of uppers          3 door cabs
                                 48"W       $80
                                 54"W       $90 

 Is this a new badge for 'TriPotteryOmega' space club?
    nope....just a 15" porcelain corner sink

 Is this their  space ship??
 nope....just melamine edgebanding
               $20 for 1000 ft.   maple or white

Recessed lighting (don't call 'em pot lights anymore, eh)
                       housings  $7     kits  $6  
 Formica laminate    'Terracotta Sandstone'
                  21.3sf/box x 5 boxes x $.75/sf =
 106.5 sf for  $Senators ticket in the LedgeZone for the Penquins game

Speaking of kitchens....?
                                   12 pcs    $1050 

Speaking of maple......
    Solid Maple    bedroom set     
                    priced individually OR
           the whole darn set for  $350

If that's music to your about
         a Mason & Risch  Cerilian piano?
              24"Dx57"Wx40"H     $300

and now for something completely different...
               gutter brushes...$8 for 3ft
 (they're actually black but aren't the Habitat colours nice?)
why have salmon when we've got Carp?
    Carp the whole ball of wax
Oct 12 last Saturday   9:30- 4:30
                                CASH AND CARRY ONLY                           
  New 'Gotta Have' Stuff:  
     Carp skids           big block      stringers   
 Tongue&Groove Pine                 Brick                    14' stringers

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