Thursday, October 24, 2013

Restore weekly Oct. 23 - Nov. 9, 2013

  Does your chewing gum lose it's flavour on the bedpost overnight?                   
                                        Oct 23-9, 2013
why have salmon when we've got Carp?
'til June '14
Don't walk away from this Bay!
                     for howling at the moon
             22"D x 72"W x 71"H      $695
                 hey Builders  we've got 8 of them!
                     Also on display at the WEST store
Unbreakable     weighs only 327lbs
                                adoor amour
                2 1/2"D x 36"W x 81"H

Mile high piles of  12" x 12"
  Glass    Glass/Stone  Stone   Ceramic      Metal
foot by foot for foot
      $5 x          $15 x        $5 x           $5 x          $8 x     
     140sf          18sf          9sf             18sf          6sf
   $700             270           45              90             42
                  Lutes and Paddles
                       nothing concrete
                perfect for the Big Lug in your life
 SharkBite EB-35 Regulator 1"x1"     $45
               under pressure
   They don't make 'em like this anymore
                    (cuz they've been discontinued, hmmm)

                                 Only at the ReStore......     
        mirror mirror show the cracks and    gimme a close up
   buy a cracked mirror,  we've taken the bad luck for you
                   reg.retail $1200         ReStore $225
                          (replacement bevelled mirror cost $200)

                              tinytykes Commercial grade
                              tiny toes going up 
                             4 step steps     $300   28"H  

                      Birch   Cacao     17.44sf x 10 boxes
                              would you want wood
                          Harder wood       block, actually
                              how about a 325 block
                  24"x24"   x 34"H      $200 (and 327lbs, really)
                        bingo/bridge/crafty/cafe/  ?
                         bridge anyone
                               36"x36" x30"H         $45
                               14 of them  just for you
See Jane                            See Dick                      See Sally (D n J's younger sis)
making a door Pt 1     making a door Pt 2       making a door Pt 3
poke a hole in the wall..     ...make it functional        ......purdy it up
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