Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Restore sales: Nov 20-26, 2013

     What did cured ham actually have?
OhNo  OH YES!!!
       It's BoGo*Free Lightslots n lots n lots of lites light of your life
                    Both  Shops        Nov 20-26         

               *of equal or lesser value
Some Moai souvenirs? nope..just plane old..
Need    a    simple    plane           gift    for    the  woodworker in ur life 
   rebate plane    handled rebate plane   c.1900 Horwarth 22" butcher plane
      $10                   $25                               $75
Tired of laying down on the job? Be comfy with
                     permission to lie down on the job 
                     36" steel rail Creeper                 $30

...and now for something completely different..
                    future fixtures 
             Flourescent  fixture with 2 circline tubes
                           19" x 33"                       $75

A little Saimir Strati for your Xmas stocking?
                              prebuilt block tile 
maybe some day....
                 for now how's 'bout a 16"x16"
                       Magistra Mosaic Medallion  $35

 Imagine looking at the lake...loon calls in the background
                             for the lakefront 
                                    center casement
                             72"W x  100"H           $425

Are you ready for the Christmas cr...ush?
                      We are ...sort of...just starting
                        so far
    inflatables:  snoopy    train    helicopter   moose
                      ornaments     baubles     figurines

What to do after the party...?
                              perfect for afterparty 
              try the Whirlpool 'Trash Masher' (love the name)
        only 24"D x 15"W x 34"H       $80

ok    so imagine this....                          
over this.....
         or maybe not....
              Sno-globe vanity light            $55
              Fresca vanity with t\g sink    $280

      Monarch  2 pc Console Table Set
               double ur pleasure
                 16/18"D x 42/46"W x 30/32"H

                        tired of not getting into hot water
                               double element
                            electric H20 heater
                           fresh out of the box

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