Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Restore Weekly: Nov 13-19, 2013

One of the 'World's Strongest Man' events should be 
"Pulling apart two shopping carts that are stuck together"
Customer   -20%   
ppreciation  -20%
  Weekend    -20%
            Both shops Nov 15-16
E-Waste Event at the
          The Brick 350 Hunt Club Rd location only
                    +   ReStore Delivery Poster   our truck                      
            Saturday, Nov. 16th
          cellphones   computers   fax machines 
              all your bits and bytes.... see you there
                        Simple    clean
                    sweet for ensuite
                Kitchen   15 pcs      $995

        An entire forest of    Trim
                       time to trim down
                    pine   oak   primed
                   finger joined    solid
                   asst lengths    asst $

           hmmm  could it be..?
              nothing to do with Darth Vader
  yep, it's an American Standard urinal
                  15"D x 18"W x 26"H  
         just in time for the holidays!

Quit yer stalling.....
                  quit yer stallin
     Maax    35"D x 36"W x 75"H

                 Clean    simple    2
               student   workshop
                Kitchen   11 pcs       $725

Pretty sweet dining room for $1000 or
       just in time for holidays
Table and 8 chairs  2 leaves   $800
                   (60"-84"L x 40"W)
Starskey and Hutch                   $250
Corner Hutch                               $150

Sienna  'Torino Travertine' laminate
      i cant believe its not tile
74 planks x $1.50/sf = 338sf for $507

  Black is back.....pedestal sinks..
           sleek peak
                      $150    each

Can't get to Walkley...?
                stall and door
          Stall with door     $95
          31"D x 32"W x 79"H

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