Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Restore Weekly Sales: Dec. 11-17, 2013

Glyme's formula for success: The secret of success is sincerity. Once you fake that, you've got it made.                
Happy 20th Anniversary to us!
   !!!Happy -20% off for you!!!
        What?, you may well ask......
 But it's true..... 20 years for HabitatNCR
                 and -20% off everything 
          This sale is not for one day.... 
                  ....or one week.......
             This sale is for 10 days
                         Dec 4-21
     Both shops filled with great gift ideas:
Wanna play house?
                16"D x 36"W x 17"H       $25
    Craftsman   6.5A  router with .......
               ......lots of stuff for stockings        $160

Porcelain mosaics    12 x 24      
                           24 cases     196sf    $980

                              You desire a vanity?
       79"               vanity   &    top   &    sink               61"
           &   taps     $325                       &    no taps   $225 

                       Birch  Veneer     4'x8'x7/16"
           Another terrific giftie for someone nifty

How could you pass these by?    
 imagine      a moose or tow truck  on the front lawn ....
              waving in   brings a smile to your mug...

                              Hankering to scroll?
      Know someone hankering to scroll?
                                    $65'll stop the itch

   Hey...speaking of fire....
             mantles      screens     akroutrements
          $75-$175        $150              $10-$15

     The vanity of your desire..
      39"W        vanity     top     tap     sink
                   $   = a Canada Goose Bomber
                                         (ok   ok  $325....kijiji)
A handful of Cedar panels
                                 16-18" x 96"
                   perfect for a holiday card tree
                                  $45 & $65

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