Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Restore Weekly Jan. 8-14, 2014

Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know
      18" x 18"                                 24" x 24"
    tiptoe thru yipclose the tile pile
Tuscan Travertine                  Ivory Beauty
8.5 boxes x 4pcs x $8ea                           11 boxes x 4pcs x $10ea  

panting for pantry doors?
                                   panting for pantry    doors 
             meowopen        20" x 90"

Has your kitchen had 1 too many
                food fights?
                burnt potato pies? yipyipopen
This kitchen is for you, then
                      uppers n lowers 
                        14 pcs        $1565 woofclose

The Crazy Kitchen moves to the bathroom
           dogleg c tipmeowclose
Cultured marble top  with seamless sink and 
Bonomi single hole faucet with double cross handles
            worth the looksee     $110

Office chairs            woofopen          $25
                 perfect for hall racing 

           L      a  m     m   e      i  ow    n        a    op   t    en     e        s  
laminate    laminate laminate 
Montana Oak        Leather Maple(not really)     Old Mission Hickory
       13.87sf                         19.53sf                                18.59sf
     9 boxes     meowclose        8 boxes          woofclose            6 boxes   meowopencloseopen

Tripping the night fantastic too many times....?
                       by the light of the slivery sun 
            solar meow powered patio yip    lanterns yip   $10

 Upper cabinet    13"Dx24"Wx39"H  $145
                                          good for you                     
Lower sink cabinet  26"Dx25"Wx36"H   $195

   something arf to ARF feast your ARF eyes on...
                       something to feast on 
open   meowopen                Banquet tables 
                                  30" x 90"   x 9  x   $50each

Tired of yipclosewoofopenmeowopenclose?
            Pet doors....just saying
                <100lbs        <40lbs      <15lbs     <12lbs     
                     $45                $37          $33           $11 
                 woof swish  arf   swish   yip  swish meowswishswishswish
ReStore Delivery PosterOH NO!!!!  Our driver is on safari...for 6 weeks

If you've got donations you'll have to bring them in
 or be patient until February  ):

      Please contact either store for more info
                                  EAST  613.744.7769  or  WEST 613.225.8400

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