Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Restore Weekly Oct 15-21, 2014

                                                                                                            Every organisation is perfectly designed 
                                                       to get the results they are getting.   

                                        OCTOBER 15-26
       @  2370 WALKLEY RD ONLY
UNTIL......           WE CLOSE THE DOORS FOREVER ON OCT 26*            
                                                         *of course, we'll reopen @ 763 Belfast on Nov 1 
See the incredible shrinking ReStore only @
       2370 Walkley Rd

some pan shots

               the real deal 
                                                         trying out the fisheye lens....whatcha' think?

                                       lots of pickins
rumor # 7:   Walkley Rd ReStore is not moving   FALSE
That's the usual -20% off on everything in the shops, every third Friday,Saturday, and Sunday of every month. It gets a bit weird when theSaturday is first and not the Friday...anyhoo...just ask the staff about that one...So, it's weird this month because only the 7 Enterprise location will have it....
              October 17, 18, 19
                7 Enterprise 
 rumor #24:      7 Enterprise is relocating to Carp     NOT TRUE 

                            Vanity Trio
                             too artsy.....maybe 
    vanity 38"W        mirror 36" x 42"   potlight header

                             GAF    Triply         $30/roll
                             keeps that warm in 
                            SBS Modified Bitumen Black

Commercial Sink....and yes it's blue....
                        talk o the town piece
                    sensor faucets   54"W x 23"D     $100

        Tubing......asst. functions      diameters
                        tubing galore
                                    2wo quarters per foot               

                         Who keeps you warm?
ah one ah   two  ah
  three ah
inserts   $115            wall mount    $105            surrounds         $375      

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