Friday, September 5, 2014

Restore sales Sept. 3-9, 2014

  purchase a $5 ticket (monies are donated to HabitatNCR) 
which entitles you to product discounts @ Hudson's Bay Rideau 
                    only valid on Thursday, Sept. 11
                   see ReStore for abit more details 
       Buy   One     Get   One*
               light               light
*BoGo event runs from Sept 3-9, only valid for light fixtures of equal or lessor value,            goood to go at either Ottawa ReStore,  cross-shopping not allowed, thanks for reading the small print

όλα όσα χρειάζεται κάποιος  @ 
      2370 Walkley Rd
Maid's declawedfoot tub...
                      53"W x 31"D x 19 1/2"L
          needs a bit of a polish....$245
             Looks like leather.....but it's
                      leather not! 
                      13"x13" tile (Cuir Tabaco)  
         $20/box of 10.7sf    x 4 boxes
                Navien Condensing H2O Heater
                       only in UK, you say 
                      14"D x 17"W x 28"H
                       still in box.....$1625
           Wow! What would the naybours say?
                     whoa mama 
                   69"W x 80"H     $2585
        Hey Beave....time for breakfast.....
                        Got some wonder bread 
                           14pcs    $1125
 καλά πράγματα @
      7 Enterprise Ave
                      Kohler King and Queen
                          6 L/f    $125 each

How 'bout some    FLOORING!!
...light fantastic    ..trip the.....
   Brands like:    RegencyPlank    SatinFinish     Model
                     RobbinsSykes   Sundance    Optima100
                                Proseries    Nordik    Bruce
   thinking outside the box required....$2.50/sf

   Delta Dawn what's that...nonono
                   tired of vacuuming
             One HP single stage dust collector
                            AP400      $150  (donor retired from taxidermy)  
                Look up...look waaaaay up...solid
                   look up   waaaaay up
                    interior doors  x 5  @ $65ea
                             92 1/2"H x 19"W

                    Suddenly short on shingles?
                   single shingle seeker sought 
                   small quantities for the pickin'
                                   $.50 each

psst!! Has anyone told you about our Walkley Rd relocation?
why have salmon when we've got Carp?
      Last Day
         Sept 6
   Cash 'n Carry only
                  Mon-Sat    9-5:30       Sun 12-5     No charge drop-off
                     2370 Walkley or 7 Enterprise At both ReStore locations            
   BRING US YOUR.......  
          ipads    printers    fax    laptops      phones
           tvs       photocopiers      toasters...  

                     Unfortunately we can not accept :
        air conditioners   de/humidifiers   microwaves 
                     fire extinguishers   smoke alarms                    
                                             We are a certified E-waste depot 7 days a week 
            Who's our facility?  Why, it's   greentec  See where your stuff goes
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          Pickups    Deliveries    Timmies
                    Monday-Thursday  & Saturday
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