Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Restore sales: July 29-Aug 4, 2015

                                 If absolute power corrupts absolutely,
                                 does absolute powerlessness make you pure? hshearer
                 Lighting for Living
                   July 29-Aug 4          Both shops know you are
     at768 Belfast Rd
                            your own Hubert and Mary set
                 Distressed  Starsky  and  Hutch
                                   Table $75    Cabinet $150

Cabinet door?         Wood Parquet floor?     Bubblicious Plum Gum?
  looks like a cabinet door    looks like wood marquetry    looks like....but its not
                      nope                nope                   nope...tile!
 Crema  3'x1'        HemlockWeave   2'sq         Monoumso  4"x1'
$35/case x 12      $12each x 7pcs                   $20/case x 13

                    16 pane      wood        fixed (mostly)
                       well built pictures
                        2x  63"x71"               @$365 ea
                        1x  63"x71" Rcasement $420
                        2x  72"x71"               @$400 ea
                  Tired of the smell of bacon cooking ?
                dont like the smell of bacon
   Then how about a Jenn-Air Electric Grill-Range Cooktop?
                                       Oak 'n Glass
                           nice collection 
                         Kitchen      13pcs       $1195
                                  Fill yer truck/trunk for $60

                 Ingest more information hereMORE INFORMATION
Cool stuff at
          7 Enterprise Ave
                                RainBirdIrrigation     bits and drips
                     For 2 weeks only       -50%    (that's only 14 days!!!)

                                               S   C   O    N    C    E   s
    soooo       fisticated         sconces 
        $110    9"W x 11"H              $75    5"W x 17"H       $75    5"W x 13"H

    'I cook with wine; sometimes i even add it to the food.' wcfields
                       winter hobby 
                          5 & 6 gallon        23L & 19L        $15 & $17

    this paint aint     what your mama had 
Stainless Steel    int/ext   $25              tints and  well    these       $4.50-$6
                             Leigh 24" range hood Coppertone
                  air sucker 
Mark your calendars:  9am-4pm Saturday, August 29th, 2015  

                        The Continuing Adventures of HabitatforHumanityGO's              

Monday, July 20, 2015

2015 Aboriginal Build in Partnership with PCL

We're excited that work is now underway on our 2015 Aboriginal Build, which is taking place at 979 Eve Street, near St. Laurent Boulevard. In partnership with their suppliers and trade contractors, PCL Constructors Ottawa district is the home sponsor and general contractor on this single-family home build. The home, which is expected to be completed this fall, will be purchased by Barb Wolfe, an Aboriginal single mother of two daughters who is from the Cockburn Island Band. Special thanks to PCL and all of their employees, suppliers and tradespeople for helping make Barb's dream of homeownership come true!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Restore sales July 8-14, 2015

 I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.
    Alice Roosevelt Longworth
Where's your GOTO building supplier?
    768 Belfast Rd
                      Everything glass with a bit of brass
                        glass brass and glass

                     30"W x 28"L            $140 (even the shades are glass!!)

                        $95      +       $75         +        $95
                  tri pak
                       =  48"  vanity                set   $245

                           T   I    L   E           P   I   L  E
       strips         pile o tile
     10"x20    66.6sf                  8"x16"     115.5sf                                              $240                                    $150      

                                      itty bitty biflold 
                                  20"Wx79"H  $50

          Canadian Museum of History
             July 10th, 11th, 12th
      Proceeds from auction to HabitatGO*
*Haven't you heard?  We're growing...into HabitatGreaterOttawa          
Wanna build a treehouse?
        7 Enterprise Ave
                                                Four of a kind
                              four for you
                        45"x52"    mullioned     screened    wooded
                     $105    and    $105    and    $105     and    $105

                                           BROANBC413055    exhaust fan
                   i am a chef

                                             500cfm         $300

                                             Lots of lowers
                            find me a kitchen

                                             10pcs            $825

                        T  hi  n       st  o n e     v  en  eer  s


                                        18"Dx 59"Wx 44"H

                   removable screen         $185
Coming soon......
                                  The Continuing Adventures of HabitatforHumanityGO's

    Jane seems to have misplaced her steel toes, Dick is still sailing off the coast of Caribou Chilcotin and nobodys started to build yet.                                                                                                                 sooon.