Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Restore Sales: Sept 2-8,2015

                                Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring....
                                'How to build a boat'. S. Wright

sliders vinyl hung aluminium casement  
double hung  anwning  pine  double casement
You can get almost anything you want at 
  768 Belfast Rd
                  leaded       fixed      etched
                    uppity upper 
These are a few of my favourite things!
        25"W x 51"L      $295 (ahem! -20 %=$2 36,e h?)

          in/outdoor  faux grass mats*    Korhani
        looks like grass 
26"x60"   $10     59"x89"   $25     79"x104"   $40

                   1'x1'    $9   
          glass  stone   metal 
              Canyon Mix                 Bermuda Pool
                18 sheets                      6 sheets
                              10 sheets

    Have a seat! No really, have two or three or..!!*
                            have a seat    or  
        armless  $25 x 13      arm?ed  $35 x 10 

       Perfect for newlyweds...a shower stall
                  honeymoon shower 
           Rdrain    60"Wx32"Dx79"H  Maax  $395
 The Continuing Adventures of HabitatforHumanityGO's              
                                                Dick &  Jane 
      Cousineau Street Singalong
If I had a hammer...
which end is which
         ...chim chim cheree....
                   tidy broom 
                                 Where have all the flowers gone..?
                                        henny penny 
Things to entice  at
     7 Enterprise Ave.
                         Rcasement    caned      Espresso
                     this is a keeper 
                    56"Wx71"H      $585 (ahem -20% = $468 !wow!)

                 BubbaQ by Tarrison Products          $125
          tlc for bbq
       4 grill  propane    a whatyoumightcalla...fixerupper
Nat.Oak Hardwood               Teak Parquet
   oak         teak
22sf x 5boxes x $2.50/sf      10.95sf x 25boxes x $1/sf

         'Sup to you.     Flip a side     $125    50"x35"x32"
        eenie meenie     mynee mo's gonna be a cold winter.........................just saying
                                5 light    22"W x 35"L
                good and solid
*7 Enterprise also carries the mats and office chairs. Yippee!!
                  Mon-Sat    9-5:30       Sun 12-5           No charge drop-off
                     768 Belfast Rd or 7 Enterprise       At both ReStore locations            
   BRING US YOUR.......  
   ipads    printers    fax    laptops      phones
      tvs       photocopiers      toasters...  

          Unfortunately we can not accept :
 air conditioners   de/humidifiers   microwaves 
 fire extinguishers   smoke alarms                    
                        We are a certified E-waste depot 7 days a week 
                     Who's our facility?  Why, it's   greentec 
ReStore Delivery Poster
          Pickups    Deliveries    Timmies
                    Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, & Saturday
          613.744.7769  option #3 
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Habitat Can recycle

crushed can                 Habitat CAN Recycle! 
Please bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore. It has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity GO! 

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