Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Restore Weekly Oct 14-20, 2015

                   Its what you learn after you know it all
                     that counts.     J. Wooden 
            1st & 8th year
     ANNIVERSARY                    -25% on EVERYTHING                                                       -30%  on  KITCH/CABS/VANS
                        -40%  on  MIRRORS
                        -50%  on LIGHTING
Minimum $25 purchase earns you a ballot for a draw for one of  8  $100 ReStore gift cerificates......Only ballots received during the 'AnniversaReStore' sale, Oct 14-20 are valid....Winners are randomly chosen from a secure room with no lights and a Blinks guard keeping watch...Winners will be notified via email/phone on Oct. 21...I, charlotte t camel will officiate in a manner becoming an ungulate...Thank you to all who have played with us over the years...You are Awesome!!!
  768 Belfast Rd

             Ladies Bonheur du Jour         c194?
            19"D x 35"W x 34"H               $125

 TeenyTinyTwoPartVanity        18"Wx14"Dx34"H

            Mirror, mirror on the wall, wall, wall
 assorted:  designs   moods    materials     $s      

 only 6 tile
         A c c e n t        2' x 2'         $ 1 5  e a                                          
                                                             only 16 tile

            Looking for quirky?       Got $80?
                   20"Wx23"L    chandelalala
   click here:  passport   to find out everything

   all proceeds go to HabitatforHumanityGO
HURRY tho'.....the tour is Sunday,Oct.18th!!!
    7 Enterprise Ave
              Have we got a mantle for you...                  
          minnie mantle 
                        $125                       66"W x 51"H

Psssst!         Price Pfister       offset toilet       4Lpf            
             off set 

                      60" x 30"                     abstract art
         sunset in a forest 
                         i call it 'Cityscape @ Sunset'

D U B E A U H A R D W O O D    O A K     4 1/2"    $42.50/box
        oak                   oak
        Macadonia       136 sf   +   136sf      Antique  Brown          
                             Need quirky?     Got  $265?
                             threes the charm 
                          19"r x 28"L    3 light pendant
Thanks to all who won ballots
 Congratulations to  Mr. & Mrs. X.  Enjoy!!
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
            Dick 'n  Jane
What's the theme song for today?...
If I had a hammer....
....I'd hammer allll  daaay
...I'd make the nailhead bigger                   
...I'd wear my kneepads
....I'd have worn my glasses
 Check out more stuff on
                  Mon-Sat    9-5:30       Sun 12-5           No charge drop-off
                     768 Belfast Rd or 7 Enterprise       At both ReStore locations            
   BRING US YOUR.......  
   ipads    printers    fax    laptops      phones
      tvs       photocopiers      toasters...  

          Unfortunately we can not accept :
 air conditioners   de/humidifiers   microwaves 
 fire extinguishers   smoke alarms                    
                        We are a certified E-waste depot 7 days a week 
                     Who's our facility?  Why, it's   greentec 
ReStore Delivery Poster
          Pickups    Deliveries    Timmies
                    Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, & Saturday
          613.744.7769  option #3 
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Habitat Can recycle

crushed can                 Habitat CAN Recycle! 
Please bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore. It has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity GO! 

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