Saturday, November 28, 2015

We celebrate the achievements of our Habitat GO volunteers

Here are the latest photos from our build site in Orleans. This photo album tracks the progress of our build and celebrates the achievements of our Habitat GO volunteers, Adopt-a-Day, Women Build and Youth Build teams, food donors, sponsors, suppliers, tradespeople and much more. Thanks to everyone for their hard work, generosity and community spirit!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weekly restore: Nov. 25-Dec. 1,2015

                   What do you call a snowpal in the summer?
                     A puddle.
Tubs 'nToilets 'n Sinks
                   S a l e                                -25%
                         both shops     Nov 25-Dec1
 768 Belfast Rd
        Does your Santa need a sleigh?
                           97" box                        75"H
51"hitch                        93"W             $450 hohoho
I want this one.....
          24"x36"      Rswing      casement     $160

       Oh, come on....a picture of a picture?              
                This closet combo is MASSIVE
     Pax Wardrobes    assembly required   $1500

                  hex vessel                        19"

                From an acorn grew.....
                      11pc    kitchen     $1075
Continuing adventures of HabitatGO's 
              Dick 'n Jane
So. Like. This is gonna be my room?  Yup...

Ok. Let's aim for the wheelbarrow this time...
I gotta get a pic of these guys working...
Smoooke on the waaater..and fire in lala...
Ok. Who moved the ladder?...
    7 Enterprise Ave
                           Stuff for a holiday season
              bulbs    bows   clips   canes   lights   trees

       Newport hardwood             Woodstock engineeered
20sf/box x 7boxes x $2.50/sf    22sf/box x $2/sf x 6boxes

              7-holed cast iron kitchen sink       $125
                                  22"D x 33"W x 9"H

                       Finally,  Manchester tanks!!
                           !!NEW!!      $130 each
     Boston       26 boxes                    Denver       18 boxes       
                                       Friendly Wall
                                $65/box      22sf/box

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Calling all volunteers!

We currently have a number of available days on our build site into December. Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page for more information.
Committees are vital to the success of Habitat for Humanity GO. With a very small staff, the Affiliate depends heavily on the Board of Directors and Committees to help fulfill our mandate. Committees work towards the mission of Habitat by applying…

Monday, November 23, 2015

Great teams on duty!

Thanks to Enbridge for sending such a great group to volunteer on our Cousineau St. build site in Orleans today!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dedication ceremony

We were so happy to welcome Barb Wolfe and her daughters to their new home on Eve Street at today's dedication ceremony! We are so thankful to PCL and their employees, suppliers and tradespeople for making this home possible and helping make Barb's dream of homeownership come true!
PCL Construction added 3 new photos.
1 hr
Barb, Pamela, and Hannah receiving the keys to their new Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa home from PCL's Blake Goss. This is the second home built for Habitat's ‪#‎AboriginalBuild‬.

Restore weekly Nov. 18-24, 2015

            With a little more tweaking,we could make orange juice in the orange without any packaging or processing.HCantu
                          both shops     Nov 20, 21, 22
  768 Belfast Rd
                      chromed and  pivoting 
                     peek a who
          asst Maax shower doors and systems
                  shown  32"W x 64H"      $166

  Need something to impress your Holiday guests?  
               xmas is coming
                      8pc dining set    $2000

         6"x3'   Orio    tile    1'x2'  Bengal Autumn (?)
        trip the tile         fantastic
        $20/box x      12sf/box       $21/box x 
        8 boxes                                13 boxes

                  Brushed nickel dangler
                     1'W x 20"H       $100

Well, well, well....two new Jeldwens
        got a hole
        88"W x 37"H (shown)                     $335
OR   114"W x 22"H (same hue & pattern)       $265
Continuing Adventures of HabitatGO's 
             Dick and Jane

T o o   m u c h  p i z z a....
       This is an amazing day...
            I am pooped and happy...
Ok gang!...            All hands...
    come on everybody
...ah one ah two ah...                      teamwork
  Together, great things can happen!!!
    7 Enterprise Ave
                               Left swing, baby       $450
                              with blinds 
                                               32"x 80"

                              Think   FUNDRAISER!!!
                                   a C-Note for the pair

 Urethane dentil blocks
veeeery stylish
                  5 1/2"H x 112'L           yours for $153

                      I call this one 'Geocentrism'
                     cosmic explosion 
                                        45"r       $350

Masonite lite touch enclosed blind inserts                        
                              20" x 60"            $95   x3

Friday, November 6, 2015

Nov. 3 volunteers!

We had a fantastic group representing the Marriott Hotels on our build site today. They were giving back to our community as part of Marriott's Spirit to Serve program. The hard-working group tackled everything from duct work to bracing the insulated concrete forms. Great job!

Eve Street Home painting

Our Habitat GO office team had a fun paint day at our Eve Street home today, thanks to the guidance and expertise of Jenna and Elizabeth from the Painter's Daughter. They are the best in the business! We were joined by two dedicated volunteers, Barb and Marie, as well as Barb Wolfe and her daughter Hannah, our Habitat Partner Family members who will moving into their new home soon!
"The whole gang!"
Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa's photo.
Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa's photo.

Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa's photo.