Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Restore sales: Nov. 4 -10, 2015

 My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses.                      Drinks right out of the bottle. HYoungman
                   J'aDoor   Sale
exterior      bifold    screen    interior     cabinet     french
                             both shops     Nov 4-10
*Every minimum $10 purchase receives a free Swiffer sample box...until supplies   last. Only 1 per customer per day.
  768 Belfast Rd
Here's to the first brrrr of the season...
           crackle crackle
            wood-fired fireplace heater insert
opening for:  27"-36"W x 23"-28"H   $200

Got a Granny? Time to upgrade the s/he cave?
             student granny wkshp
 lower  +  upper   +   shelf   +    honeyjasper  granite
          36"W set   $195        42"W set  $225
(we've got a hotels worth...think PopUpReStore amount!!) 

         'Wheat berry'    bronze matte finish
            thanks mr edison
            5 lite        26"W x 24"H        $100

Come on in!!   Garden door (OMG doors are on sale this week!!!)
                 $750            75"W x 82"H  

Indonesian   7" x 26"   'Theatre Wengue'   tile
      hmmm  looks like wood
            11.7sf/box x $20/box x 7 boxes
                  .that costs you $140 and covers 82sf.
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
            Dick 'n Jane
         at   Cousineau St...
 I like this tool.Can I take it home...
           no going back to sweeping
Digging up the last one...                  hole no two
First one to find the lucky coin...
     foundation shifting
Yeah! I won...
   7 Enterprise Ave
  mulchmulchmulchWonderful mulch  wonderful mulch                                      natural             black               red
 ooh natural natural but black natural but red 
             $3              Premier 56L         $3                   $3

          Grumbacher's artist easel     $95
                                    easy easel 
          Tall enough to paint a life size Rock Hudson

                             Corinthian-style ensemble
                     handsome hutch 
                       16"D x 58"W x 87"H            $1020

              'cobblestone' metal insert       $45 each
                               semi private 
                                     21"W x 77"H  (-25% this week (: )
                           cowperson  5'   tin  tub
original soaker
                              NO RUST    $900
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