Thursday, December 3, 2015

Restore sales

Dec 2-8,2015
                    Whatever you are, be a good one. ALincoln
     FarrahFaucetFiresale              Waltec      -25%      Moen
                               both shops    Dec 2-8
  768 Belfast Rd
I'm Charlotte.I'll be your verygoodguide this week.
Now this next pic of 8"x10" tile...
is $50/box.Only 7 tile/box.Only 1 box per style.
I super enjoyed next one...The Singing Machine
Geez!Who knewI cud sing so well?$50.The next pic
is great for hiding a camel or spoons.Crafted by HespelerFurnitureCo. 23"Dx75"x37"H $1250.
         Uncle Norman?I'd heard you'd changed,,,
but into a Well-rite WR240R?$320.WR60R$127?
So, it's naparooneytime for me...only camels are
allowed on couches..Love or sofa  $150
Continuing adventures of HabitatGO's 
             Dick 'n Jane
(I like this part the best!)
Have you noticed they start off clean...
but something happens...

and they get engrossed...

Same window,folks!...

Ok Better Outside is good...

Is there something in GreatStuff..

Maybe so...
    7 Enterprise Ave
Hi!Me again!This time something for feet...
            A      L      L      U      R      E            $  1  /  s f
GoldenOakWheat      StrandBamboo      VintageOakGray
 20sf/case x 9               24sf/case x 7           19.8sf/case x 8
Camels are very strong....Carrying glass blocks is nothing!...
asst profiles   asst $s     some clean some not so clean.
Tables!! (only camels are allowed on tables!) We've got 2Chloes and
2Natalies.  FauxMarble    38"Wx64"L     $300.      Next...
Wee kitchens. 36" $195  42" $225.And now...yawn...
time for me to get a mahogany Tatiana

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