Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Restore sales Jan. 20 - 26, 2016

ready for sweetiepie day?
                        Good judgement comes from experience.
                         Experience comes from bad judgement.
bifold     screen     bypass    hollow   interior   french  
   exterior     -25%   both stores   Jan 20-26     cabinet
 768 Belfast Rd
                 'Heavy Rain' french doors
               double vision
                        30"x80"     $195ea

                Giallo crystal onyx  3"x6" tile
              plains of pakistan
                         18sf for $180

                              2 1/2"W
                             pearl drop
        pendant            32"L               $50

 Got a blacklight bulb? Spread this stuff on a wall...
               perfect for sticky situations
         Cross-linking polyvinyl acetate    $50

Perfect for your budding professional student...
                study needs a studier
Canadian maple  desk & hutch  4'Wx2'Dx5'H  $155
The continuing adventures of HabitatGo's
              Dick n Jane

99 rolls of sod on the road, 99 rolls of ...
Ad for Kundi aprons?....
Hammers high....
    7 Enterprise Ave
                    Ready to go...    63"x82"        $215
                      fully loaded 
    framed     moulded      hardwared      unpainted cedar

              Finally!!    2 1/4" oak  hardwood
           skinny strips 
                             clear finish      120sf for $300

                  29"D x 33"W x 5'H      cherry corner
                          for the cherry pickers 

                       Looking for comfy?
           a roomful 
                      6pc set    $795     (also sold separately)

                             Kitchen        8pcs         $975
                       bon appetit 

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