Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Restore sales Feb. 24 - Mar. 1,2016

                                       Winter is not a season, 
                                       it's an occupation. SLewis
Shhhhhhhh!    The boss is away......Won't be back for 2 weeks....No phone/email....So.....Let's keep the  
                "20% off
                  in both shops" 
               going 'til   Feb 29
           Tell everyone you know, but quietly!! Shhhhhhh!

 768 Belfast Rd
                  Neo-angle round     Chrome
                     36"     Rdrain      $235            

  Ohhh, the weather outside is frightful,...So how            about something purdy to look at?...                                      Antique   Exterior   Door
                         34" x 81"      $500

Whoa!   The ReStore has become the AppStore...
              100             of them*       100     no kidding!!!!!!!
 Frigidaire fridges   and      Frigidaire stoves
            $100                                $125
*To be clear: 100 fridges + 100 stoves.Both apps will be shared between both shops.Fridge 29"Dx29"Wx5'.Stove 26"Dx30"Wx4'.
Please buy them.We'd appreciate it muchly. Thanks. 


           Another purdy product...
media mantel console with no remote flame spectrum
            16"D x 46"W x 32"H              $250

      Shur-Trim   vinyl wall base   5 flavours 
    4" x 20'    $8.50    self-stick  and  dry back
  Upcycle Workshop with Lee-Ann Lacroix
Monday, Feb 29th from 7- 9pm  at 768 Belfast Rd ReStore
        You must register on line at Workshop #1
The continuing adventures of HabitatGo's
           Dick 'n Jane
You put yer right foot out...

Do the hokey pokey...and that's what it's all...
   7 Enterprise Ave
Rakes and forks and hoes  oh my!
...and we've got shovels...scrapers...handles....$5- $30

                             Old  and Arched  and Oak
                                    34" x 82"    $270

            Maplewood panels     sidebyside   Jenn-Air
                          27"D x 36"W x 71"H      $600

         stained glass   jewels   vintage  (picture this sans the pegboard)   
                                 16" x 34"       $425

Hickory Laminate     Oak Engineered  Walnut Hardwood
        $75   100sf           $264   132sf           $174    70sf
There's a new ReStore in town. Not this town, but it's really really close to us. Not if you're walking.And it's cute as a button. 

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