Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Restore Weekly Mar. 2 - 8, 2016

                           It's sooo cold outside...I just saw a                            teenaged boy with his pants pulled up
      768 Belfast Rd
 antique brass   single hole w/ cross teardrop handles
                 time to spout off
                             swivel spout           $95

    Zendo  Dust     13" x 4"         6.8sf/case
          tile half a mile
                   $13/case            Tile             12 cases

    Habana cherry finish       Shaker Americana
                                  linen cupboard
                       17"D x 21"W x 76"H       $265

                            4 lite    4'L
                            slight light

                    side lite             door             side lite                
                      castle doors
                       64"W x 93"H      Lswing       $750
 7 Enterprise Ave
         Moen soap dispensers                      $30
        aquack aquack 
                   stainless     &     chrome

   Wanting to upgrade your throne?
               need a throne 
              AmStan     6Lpf     34"H     $80

   How about a lit upper?   Student ready....
         student ready 
               26"D x 56"W x 32"H           $95

              Look-a-likes          trois          37"L

                 Queen Anne style armchairs
                  only his 'n hers      $125ea
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
               Dick 'n Jane
Wax on, wax off....
Ok! Soup's on! No,really, soup's on....
Waiting for grass....and siding...and
                     three more months
There's a new ReStore in town. Not this town, but it's really really close to us. Not if you're walking.And it's cute as a button. 

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