Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Restore sales: Apr. 20-26, 2016

                         Faith is the bird that feels the light                            when the dawn is still dark.RTagore
    7 Enterprise Ave
Is ReStore  selling earrings now?...
No silly!It's a  12"r  $65  ss  wall sconce. (-50%, eh?)
Satisfy your craving for vintage vanities...
                              21"D x 36"W        $225

Do you have an inferior exterior?...
Almost new!!!Lswing framed entry 34"x 80   only $275

Professor Plum did it, in the library, with the...
table/floor? lamp   4'tall    400pounds    $350                    

Kohler Persuade  loo just for you...
Only fourhundred buckaroos.
  768 Belfast Rd
Looking for a                      
      ball and chain?....                  5"W or 28"W  pendant or wall  ss or wrought iron   
                            $50 or $85

         A seven ' for six feet.                            $225

Do you have an inferior exterior?(oops,that was done already:()
 simple  solid   mudroom door   $110

A cabinet ensemble                  
                        15pcs              $1825

Looks like a libray...

but it's not...
18" x18"  بورسيلين porcelana     $15/tile     8 profiles

Upcycle Challenge #3: Building a House...what?
                    find out more at  April 26th

             Motorcyle ride fundraiser  May 29th

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