Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Restore sales Apr. 27 - May 3, 2016

                  There are only two lasting bequests we can
                  hope to give our children.One of these is                       roots,the other,wings.JWvGoethe
La La lightsale
    7 Enterprise Ave
Everyone should have there very own...
            Log Stacker                            only 26 quarters

We have enough to seat a party of eight....
                  Millstone  2fer$115

                   Moving on?...
                     70sheets of 2'x2' packing paper $3

                              a  kitchen keeper...
                              15 pcs                     $1725

                       no manual for this old manual...
  Singer swinger    c1924    some bobbins    no bows   $150
  768 Belfast Rd
      Durovent baffles...                  $70/case
      between both shops we've got 5130sf of it

                  a chair that swivels        $175

                    Charismatic AND prismatic
                           18"sq           $245(+-50%too,eh?)
            A white wonder...
                             12pc   $1450

      oversized rail doors...without the rail
           36"W x 94"H          $390 for the pair
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
              Dick 'n Jane
Meet some houses that HabitatGO built...


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