Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Restore sales: Apr. 6-12, 2016

I wonder if Superman ever put glasses on Lois' dog, and she was like,'I've never seen this dog before.Is this a new dog?'
ild a Home Buy a Bargain, Build a Home Buy a Bar
  7 Enterprise Ave
Lanterns to lurk by...
    19"L   $115           24"L    $160              27"     $125

 Bookcases to look into....
                         12"D x 36"W x 48"H       $75

Prop for pipe play...            
               Rigid tristand      pipevise 1/8"-5"    $250

Slots 'n slots to fill...
                      18"D x 48"W x 84"H  $200-$250

Heaters to huddle by....
Fan-forced heater      Dimplex           electronic convection
2000W     $100        wall mounts        1000W   $130
 768 Belfast Rd
                          1 0 "  x  1 0 "
                      one-offs         $2.50 each

                         ornate french door
                         30" x 80"      $125

             18"D x 17"W x 9"H       $295

For flying fingers...                
                 Filing cabinets       $70-$80
An eyebrow archer....
                    29"H x 58"W      $135

             Motorcyle ride fundraiser  May 29th

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