Friday, June 3, 2016

Restore sales June 1-7, 2016

                                      Everything almost doesn't happen.
    7 Enterprise Ave               
                                  Imagine  this...                                                        
                              2' x 5'                   $65
                                           over this...
  25"D x 38"W x 32"H   $125         20"D x 20"W x 20"H  $60
                                   leaning on this.....
                   $125        headboard only      7'W x 5'H
Multiple tops...only one bottom           The goes-anywhere
                                          table lamp    $20ea
Imagine paying bills, doing a puzzle, making shortbread?...
28"D x 4'W x 31"H    $75          moooove over vinyl   $60
                          Imagine not the Brike...

table: 20"Dx25"Wx2'H   $50        comfy chair:  $60
Imagine Netflicks, overnite company, fireplace night...
20"D x 42"W x 16"H   $50         6' hideabed   $150
!!Two Hundred Rooms donated from our Lord Elgin Hotel!!
We will be phasing out our fruitful partnership with Cycle Salvation over the summer. As ofSeptember 1, please continue to donate your gently used,unwanted bikes to Cycle Salvation
 768 Belfast Rd
           What were they thinking?.....
  Lcasement     63"W x 57"H   $400      fixed

   Hollowcore34"X80"SlabsMachined$10Scruffy    *!!!!SpecialBuy!!!!refers to this one-time donation of forty slab-style interior doors. This style door remains currently on our general 'DONOT TAKE from Public' list, unfortunately, not listed on our website, but ask any staff and they'll all tell you the samething...NoThankYouT
oSlabDoors  ..anyhoo  
 Twenty one inches of sparkly.....                            

Sit down.  Relax.  Feast....
                   42"W x 66-84"L     $500

A colourfulcollectionofcabinets...
                        15pcs         $1800
          ReStore Ride


         Over one thousand bikerbucks raised!!!
                                                    Thanks GanG

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