Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Restore sales June 29-July 5, 2016

          The purpose of life is a life with purpose.  R. Bryne
     7 Enterprise Ave
Afraid to walk on the wild side?....
 Find your way with low voltage   6-pack  9 cases    $40/

           New batch of LordElgin rooms....
 brown granite dressers and sides   3 love-hide-a-bed seat/bed
Asst Nottingham knobs....                        $12-$75
levered    entrance   knob    antique bronze   satin nickel
                         passage    privacy    keyed  

                                   3 lite pendant
                              23"W x 24"H         $125

Console yourself with this....
           sofa table       18"D x 58"W x 32"H            $185
 768 Belfast Rd
Finally!!! Commercial entry doors....
             opening 76"W x 86"H        $500

SuperDuper Kitchen   under $6000 ($5985 to be accurate)
   island   wall oven   stovetop   granite   18 pieces

                       121sf         $660
          1'x1'      mosaic glass tile          'Tea'

                   glass pretties...
          8"sq       6-agon  chandelier     $75

    25"D x 57"L    single faucet drilled       $250
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As of September 1, please continue to donate your gently used bicycles to Cycle Salvation

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