Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Restore sales June 8-14, 2016

                                                    Hurt people hurt people.
                                                    Everybody! Group hug!!!
                          Vanities    ohmy!
                      Both  Shops      June 8-14, 2016
    7 Enterprise Ave
BradfordDillman  Tankless Gas H20 Heater
                          #TGHE-1601-N          $750

                  Torch for the porch?...
        82lbs     42000BTUs     86"H      $ 600quarters

Trouble standing? Trouble standing up?...
     43"W x 82"H      3pc shower surround         $225

A mile high pile 'o pavers...
'How many' you ask?  umm...they used to be a driveway amount?                                      5"x 5"x 3"    $ 2quarters each

Acryllic sparklies...
                                       27"H          $50
We will be phasing out our successful collaboration with Cycle Salvation over the summer. As of September 1, please continue to donate your gently used bikes to Cycle Salvation
 768 Belfast Rd 
  'Cast'ing around for a wall register?...
                  14"W x 11"H         $35 x 6

   Cards to play with thru the night...            
       Or with Granma....       
                                 $2 a deck   Father's Day giftie?

      Britany design single hung window...            
                         $225        30" x 58"

 ArmstrongStandardExcelonImperialTexture 12"x12"
is a thru-pattern construction tile composed of 85% N.A. limestone     FloorScore certified    only in Polar
                   over 1440sf        $800  

          $185   chic contemporary    19"W x 38"L
Upcycle Workshop #4
 Monday,June 13   5:30-9   768 Belfast
              register here

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