Thursday, July 28, 2016

Restore sales July 27 - Aug. 2, 201

                          "A great city is that which has the 
                            greatest men and women. " Walt Whitman
BoGo Light Sale...Buy one light fixture and choose a second light fixture of equal or lesser value. Sales event is exclusive onlto HabitatGOReStores: 
7 Enterprise Ave and 768 Belfast Rd. This sales event will be valid from nine am Wednesday, July 27, 2016 to five-thirty pm Tuesday, August 2, 2016.Thanks for playing ReStore!!
   7 Enterprise Ave 
                    It's what you've always wanted...$15

Eight feet for six seats...
                                       AllSaintsAnglicanChurch                  $550ea      

      In'laws won't go home?....
              LordElgin hide-a-beds     $125 and $150

only 1 bag of popcorn?...lucky poker chairs?...
                                           $75ea  and comfy

   Something different for the baabie?...                          
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
           Dick 'n Jane

How do we help families stay strong?...
     Better  Affordable  Housing 
  768 Belfast Rd
Tired of sawdust up yer nose?...
    550 foot-pounds per second    $200

Magician wannabe?... Closet upgrade?...
              24"D x 38"W x 97"H   $1985

  almond pendalogues    faceted ball     chains
                   21"W x 20"H     $225
'Linear Grey'(or...'Morning beach walk/No glasses) ....
                    1'x2'    58sf      $135

                  35"W x 59"H       $1200

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's Dick 'n Jane

We?have to lay all these?...
Leveling the playing field...
If you can't play nicely with other sod...
The 'Sod' Whisperer...
Ta Da!!!....
     Shout out to Manderley and Lowes

Restore news July 20-26, 2016

          Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams,             than the imagination when awake?        LdaVinci
   7 Enterprise Ave
            Cold Frames     and     staging    louvred    racks         
         4' x 3'             $62.50                           $51-$92

Welcome to KeroWorld                       KC2400
                                 It's portable     $165

              Cast-iron      single       head&foot board    
                                 no rails       $165

                   48' of pool fencing
                           all the fixin's        $300

                             His                'n                Hers
                       30" sink        15"W           30" sink
                         $160             $75               $175
Coming up this weekend!!!
          Old poster   New carvers!   StoneCraversFestival
 768 Belfast Rd
                             french door
                        28" x 78"      $125    

                95" longlonglonglong lite post

I'm singing/sitting/staaaanding  in the rain...
        3 pc   R hand    33"D x 44"W x 86"H

The sun chases the moon chasing the sun...
             19" x 50"      leaded glass       $150

         13" x 13"     Glass Mosaix       only 7 pcs    
                            ten bucks each

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Restore Weekly: July 6-12, 2016

                                   Are you really sure that a floor                            can't also be a ceiling? M.C. Escher
    7 Enterprise Ave
                Rustic      oak        floorboards  
                             2 1/4"     90sf        $225

            Oooo,  home on the range....
Kenmore   30"   electric     slide-in    manueled     $275

Peterpackedhispickledpeppersinhis  pantry...
      15"W x 25"D x 96"H               $210

6-up light with dangly vertical metal rods...
                              28"W x 3'L          $125

   Key-hole  screen door....                  
        34" x 82"      beveled circular glass     $220    
Early Bird tickets
                                                              Steeltoes 'n Stilettos  
 768 Belfast Rd
        12' rolls of untroddened carpet...
    x 90'  $810       x 45'   $405        x 50'   $450

Apocalyptic-proof chests...
       Made for the Trade  #1332         $295

  Melamine-skinned MDF panels...
             asst. dimensions    asst prices

Looks like tile but it's not....
                 Self-adhesive vinyl wall tile
Midnight Marble Dream   Mornin' Arctic Tumble*          23sf    $57.50                     22sf     $55          

25 boots  or  25 bonnets  or  25 figurines  or...
                 6'sq cubby              $150
                                                                           *I made that one up...heh heh heh
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