Friday, September 16, 2016

Restore sales Sept. 14 - 20, 2016

                               word of the day:  phygital
Customer Appreciation Weekend
    7 Enterprise Ave
         A handful of cabinets...
              5pcs                                                            $400

'New Eggplant'    vinyl composite commercial tile
                                     176sf   for   $88

Come on in an' git this gardenin' gear!!!...
     4' & 6' staging stands      cold frames     extensions
                                        $45 - $65

Lard 'Tunderin' ....bring me my pew!!!50 pews to go folks!!!
wrapped in wrought    stainglass    21"x26"     $255

Look Myrtle  An upsidedown staircase!...
                   9 step     stairwayto heaven     $145
  768 Belfast Rd
A pair   two   double    combo   duece...
simple and single paned   64" x 82"     $190

Mykonos tile from Azulejos Foset      13" x 13"
(i call it 'Ottawa in Winter'..)    187sf  for  $200
Sear's Craftsman/ person radial saw..
                       10"    2.75hp     $250

                vintage cottage porch light
     18"sq x 10"H   real oak barrel globes!  $30

onychomycosis on yer clawfoot tub?...
We've got a cure for that....fourfeetfor$100
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
           Dick 'n Jane in Perth

2016 Arthur St...
front        back

Building has begun....

It's going to rain...

and there's only two umbrellas...
 I just want to drive the big trucks...

          Come play with us!!
  If you  go down  to the woods  some day,
        You're sure of a big surprise...
   Eeeek!!!  The  ZOmBiE RuN   is  coming!!!!!                    Saturday, October 1
                                                              Steeltoes 'n Stilettos  
                                                                Wanna join?

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