Thursday, September 22, 2016

Restore Weekly Sept 21-27, 2016

I got an odd-jobs man. He was useless. I gave him a list of eight things to do and he only did numbers one, three, five and seven.   S. Grant
                             Sept 21-27
          Light up your Lite Sale
                            Both  Shops      
   7 Enterprise Ave
               Enameled steel shower pan
                5' x 32"       L  and  R  drain      $100ea

          3' vanity with off center sink

                  21" x 33"   attic access panel   

    porcelain/rattan  swingers...cottage perfect
                       11"r     $25        16"r    $45

    3/8" x .11miles          sisal rope
 768 Belfast Rd
  Tile-Redi  single curb shower pan
           60" x 34"    L  and  R  drain   $295

   now you see it...   Belle Fleur   now you don't...
                    30" vanity             $400

       fabrique a Montreal  fireplace surround
 11"D x 54"W x 43"H   Fiberglass/plaster   $75

 Arctic Cove bucket top misting fan (think next year)
 no bucket tho...          $45

Awake! Awake! from your LumberSlumber...            
    unwrapped and ready     A buck or twenty
Commencing on October 1, 2016  the  7 Enterprise Ave ReStore will no longer accept ewaste.   The 768 Belfast Rd ReStore will continue to receive OES approved ewaste.  Customers will be diverted from the 7 Enterprise location to local OES approved ewaste recyclers : MoneyForMetalRevolutionRecyclingFoxyRecycling  or
BestBuy.  Thank you for your cooperation and compliance. HabitatGOReStore.

                                 Mon-Sat    9-5:00       Sun 12-4:30           
                 No charge drop-off   768 Belfast Rd or 7 Enterprise
    ipads  printers  fax  laptops  phones  tvs  photocopiers 

           Unfortunately we can not accept :
  air conditioners   de/humidifiers   microwaves 
           fire extinguishers   smoke alarms                    
                                    We are a certified E-waste depot 7 days a week   
                          Who's our facility?  Why, it's   Greentec 
If you  go out  to the woods  in 11 days...
            you better not go alone...
          The   ZOmBie RuN    is  coming!!!!!                      Saturday, October 1

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