Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Restore sales: Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2016

           There are only 3 colours, 10 digits, and 7 notes;                     its what we do with them that's important.  JRohn  
    7 Enterprise Ave
6 seater waiting for fine cutlery and plates....

                       54"-72"L           $698
Perhaps somewhere to store that fine flatware?...
                                       56"L          $350

Door prizes?Birthday loot bags?Or just because you like to look pretty... 
        Six bucks for a portable cooler. Ya can't  lose!!      

                                  'L'  shape  kitchen
                                      11 pcs          $1550

hardwood                  engineered                      laminate
140sf  $350            74sf    +     99sf   = $346     97sf   $73

    Another 6 seater       built for brewskies...^....                    
                              38"W x 60"L          $75
 768 Belfast Rd
          Ta-drum pendant...
                           16"r           $95

Wonderful wood wool acoustic boards...
   absorbs and insulates sound      moisture/mildew resistant
             4'x8'panels x 34 panels x $12ea

An eclectic collaboration of cabinets....
                           19pcs      $2850

             Welcome to funkyland....
10"x10"  $160   110sf  clipped corner aqua tile...
1'x1'    20sf     $20   uneven edged aqua tile

             tabula rasa entry door...              
                 twin sides   awesome transom
                     62"Wx 95"H       $1100
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
             Dick 'n Jane
Hey Guys?!? I'm still in here...
Ok. Who took all the gingersnaps?...
Who's got sexy legs?...
        768 Belfast Rd location only           Mon-Sat  9-5:00   Sun 12-4:30  

 Commencing October 1, 2016 
           7 Enterprise Ave ReStore 
has stopped
receiving ewaste. Please consider these
local OES approved 
 recyclers :

       MoneyForMetal               BestBuy
             FoxyRecycling     RevolutionRecycling                    
    ipads  printers  fax  laptops  phones  tvs  photocopiers 

           Unfortunately we can not accept :
  air conditioners   de/humidifiers   microwaves 
          fire extinguishers   smoke/C02 alarms                    
             768 Belfast Rd ReStore is a certified E-waste depot 7 days a week 
                            Who's our facility?  Why, it's   Greentec 
Tickets...only 240 hours left
        Steeltoes 'n Stilettos  
 Check out more stuff on
ReStore Delivery Poster
 Pickups only Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, & Saturday
  Call : 613.744.7769  option #3 

crushed can
                 Habitat CAN Recycle! 
Please bring us your beer and pop cans next time you visit the ReStore. It has never been easier to donate to Habitat for Humanity GO! 
visit our Website:   Habitat GO's homepage 

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