Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Restore sales: Nov. 30 - Dec. 6, 2016

Countdown to Christmas!  
Only 24 ReStore shopping days left.
I'll be home for Christmas...

Last chance for Lord Elgin furniture at both ReStores!

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum...
768 Belfast Road: Trees from $25-$150

7 Enterprise Avenue: Trees from $25-$150

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 
768 Belfast Road: 36x80 exterior door with frame $320

              7 Enterprise Avenue: 30x96 French door set $175

We three kings... Find your own "Star of Wonder"
 768 Belfast Road: Table lamps $25-75

           7 Enterprise Avenue: Floor lamps $45-$100

Rockin' around the Christmas tree...
 768 Belfast Road: Ready for Santa! Rocking chair $150

7 Enterprise Avenue: Ready for Mrs. Claus!
Rocking Chair $150 
Santa Claus is coming to town!

Check out Habitat GO at Santa's Parade of Lights in Orleans on November 26.

Hello there! It's Frosty!
Santa's little helpers:
 LIGHTS, camera, action!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Restore sales, Nov. 23-29, 2016

                                  Money may not buy happiness,
                                   but I'd rather cry in a Jaguar. FSagan
            Black Friday, Shblack Friday.
                       How 'bout a ...
       ReStore  Blue  Friday !
   -10% in both shops  
                   ALL FRIDAY LONG!!!
                   a   n   d      NO    TAX
    7 Enterprise Ave
Not yer HD barn doors.....
                    54"W x 92"H   w/gear    $450

Bevelled beauty from Brockville...
                           29"W x 20"H            $75

Prismatic sheets of 22"x46"x1/4"  glass
///////$5each//////over 100! of them///////yikes//////

              Nowhere to put the pretties?....
                      12"D x 27"W x 76"H       $200

           Crafty?  fixture      four feet by four feet....
                 6 x 48"  fluorescent tubes     $125 
 (donated by a dentist!  slight crack in lens   maybe a li'l duct tape?)    
 768 Belfast Rd
               Double door duty...
       30" x 96"H    factory fresh    $150ea

 "Waterslide" bowl     biscuit    Kohler     vessel  
                      7"H x 14" x 18"      $275

     'Sophisticated Funk'?            glassy tiley
     4" x 8"  $1     4" x 16"  $2     4" x 24"  $3
                         16" x 24"   $10

                  Brushed titanium*  Funk
          27"W x 18"H        $150  *not really titanium ):
Used to be ...but now Voila! A valet stand*
               24"D x 29"W x 68"H    $95
                                                                                      *just ReStore it!!!
The continuing adventures of HabitatGO's
               Dick 'n Jane
Aha!!  Caught ya!!...
        Not down here....
Did I hear my name?

Monday, November 21, 2016

Youth Build Team

Friday, November 18, 2016

Customer appreciation

      Customer (that's You!)
     have our Appreciation 
   7 Enterprise Ave
Snowed?  Need to BBQ?   No shed?     Baah!          ...
                                     $60 barbie snowsuit
                   A pile o' plastic bench brackets...
                                    $6 each (please buy them...please (:)
   Engineered           Laminate                         Laminate
             Oak                           Cherry                           Oak
     264sf   $528                186sf    $140            179sf   $134

                    Comfy cottagey   couch 'n chair
                  good for eight feet                set $190

          OohlaLumifaro portable cabinet lighting...
                           8"-23" W               $19-$80
 768 Belfast Rd 
                 Hunky  doory....
                         34" x 82"     $210

                   adjustable overhead rack            
                 $110        white       4' x 8'

 Looks like wood...      6"x 24" it'stilesilly!                    
   126sf  Antico  $225      150sf  Saddle  $250

Been there, done that...but now in better location
             8pc      kitchen      $2700     loaded

                  Holey bell swagger....
                      11"W x 13"H       $40
The continuing adventure of HabitatGO's
           Dick  'n  Jane

A lil' shovel shinny at breaktime?...
Whee!I love my pink pencil...
      Three hours later....
 Omg!! I can't   lift     ar m...                               
First floor framed.Check...
 Which is your favourite view?...